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Hi, I'm Louis Kreppert

Louis Kreppert Consultant and Coach for 3rd Party Platforms

After 30 years of experience in sales and marketing including over a decade of brick and mortar retailing, I decided to start selling products online.

My journey started as an online seller with a few hundred-dollar investment.

Along the way, I’ve encountered many successes and many more failures until I found what works.

Finding the right mix was not easy, it took time, research… and some luck but persistence, patience and perseverance paid off.

My reasoning in creating PremierHomeGoods.com is to offer compelling, unique gift and collectible merchandise. My store showcases an eclectic selection from novelty to practical items for everyday use and gift giving.

I care deeply about my products. Care goes into choosing quality pieces before adding them to my product selection. They are items I would either collect or buy myself or for a loved one.

I’m also a consultant and coach. I offer my expertise as a service to help businesses promote and market their products more effectively online through 3rd party channels such as Amazon and eBay, just to name a few.

Louis Kreppert Consultant and Coach for 3rd Party Platforms
  • Are you looking to start selling through 3rd party channels?
  • Is your business struggling with promoting products on them?
  • Or, do your listings need a simple freshening up?

If so, call me at 630-780-2628 and let’s talk.

I can help you with every aspect from setting up your account to creating listings, advertising, customer service and reviews, etc.

I'm also available to conduct presentations and seminars either at your place or through video conferencing.

You know your products well… I know the platforms well.

Together, we'll make a great team.